Valašské Meziříčí dates back to 1297, but the first mention of the town was in records in 1377. The village of Krásno situated nearby achieved the status of “town“ in 1491. However, the towns were not united until 1924.

Initially industrial manufacturers were founded in Krásno in the middle of the 19th century whereas Meziříčí became the seat of the district authorities. Hence local industries were concentrated in Krásno and Meziříčí turned into the administrative, cultural and social centre of the region.

The tradition of meat processing and specialities originates from the distant past. It boomed from the 15th to 16th century when Walachs from Romania came to east Moravia and taught local people pasturage, animal farming and how to master meat processing. They significantly influenced the methods of livestock farming and the specific character of the local folklore in this picturesque region. In fact they gave the name “Walachia“ to the whole region and its inhabitants started to be called “Walachs“. As time went by Wallachia became famous for its smoked meat products.

The history of industrial meat processing started in Valašské Meziříčí on 28th January 1895 when local butchers founded “The Society for the construction of the slaughter-house“.

A modern meat processing plant called “Northmoravian Meat-packing“ (SMPM) with its branch in Valašské Meziříčí came into operation in 1964.

The meat processing plant was privatized in 1993 under the name the Meat Industry – Krásno, Company Limited. In 1999 it was changed into the Krásno Meat Processing Plant, Inc. The present-day name the Krásno Meat Industry, Inc. has been used since 2004.

The present time
The successful operation of the Krásno Meat Industry dates from its privatization in 1993. The out-of-date local plant changed into a modern company which is now a leader among Czech meat producers.

At present this company, in the heart of Walachia, is one of the three biggest meat producers in the Czech Republic. This success is achieved through commitment by the workforce, ongoing investment into modern technology and the adherence to market trends. As a result the Krásno brand symbolizes and unites butcher traditions and modern technology.

The mastery of the production of smoked meat products comes from a balance of long experience, knowledge, well-tried recipes and modern technology.

The Krásno Meat Industry offers a vast range of products with a variety of tastes in different sizes and packages so all customers´ wishes can come true. Traditional products and Walachian specialities as well as products following the latest consumer trends are available.